Un format interattivo per rispondere alle esigenze di confronto dei Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Digital Officer e Chief Marketing Officer delle aziende più innovative che saranno coinvolte domani 21 Febbraio, in 6 sessioni tematiche. IKN Italy presenta la 6a edizione di Information Technology Forum, l’ormai consolidato appuntamento annuale con i BIG dell’Information Technology che ha coinvolto sinora oltre […]

Rough sleeping hits hard on local high streets

Rough sleeping in England has reached record levels – with figures published on Thursday showing an annual rise of 15%, representing a 169% increase since 2010. It’s no longer confined to London and the big cities – three quarters are outside the capital – and rough sleepers have been appearing in tents and shop doorways in […]

Knife-threatening app banned by Google

An app aimed at children that featured a voiceover making threats to cut them with a knife, has been banned by Google. Blaze and the Monster Machines was removed from the Google Play Store following complaints from parents. There is mounting pressure on firms to make their platforms safer for children. One firm that offers […]

Facebook and Google criticised by George Soros

The billionaire investor George Soros has criticised tech “monopolies” such as Facebook and Google, calling them a threat to democracy. At his annual dinner at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr Soros warned that social media platforms were “obstacles to innovation”. He raised concerns about their power to shape people’s attentions. However, he predicted […]

Lyft investigates privacy abuse claim

Ride-sharing company Lyft, seen as Uber’s biggest rival, is investigating an anonymous claim that employees were abusing customer’s private data. The allegations, posted online, suggested that employees looked at trip data of former romantic partners, or tracked famous users such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Lyft said it was investigating but said it had not […]

The fundamental principles of the internet might already be under threat

Profound changes in the way the internet works in the US could soon come to the UK, campaigners have warned. US regulators this week voted to repeal net neutrality protections that force companies to treat all internet traffic equally. And that same weakening of protections could soon come to the UK. Indeed, some infringements of […]

Scripts, which abuse password managers, have been discovered on more than 1,000 top websites

Web users are having their details secretly collected by ad tracking companies, researchers say. They’re abusing password managers, which help you sign into websites by remembering your login details for you. Researchers have found that ad tracking firms have been using invisible login forms to uncover and collect people’s email addresses without their knowledge. These scripts, […]

Online giants should help fund child sex inquiries amid soaring levels of abuse, National Crime Agency chief urges

Internet giants are failing to take up their “social responsibility” in helping to tackle soaring levels of child sex abuse taking place over the internet, Britain’s largest law enforcement agency has warned. Firms such as Facebook and Google should be more “proactive” in identifying online sex abuse directed at children and fund efforts to reduce the scale of the crime, according to the National Crime Agency (NCA). Its director general Lynne Owens, accused tech giants […]