Grumpy Cat wins $710,000 payout in copyright dispute over use of image

Grumpy Cat’s owner has something to smile about after a jury sided with the famous online feline in a copyright dispute. A California jury voted to award $710,000 (£500,000) to Grumpy Cat Limited, a company launched to monetise the permanently-scowling kitty’s popularity, in a dispute over use of the cat’s name and image. At issue was beverage company […]

Mosaic’s birthday: 25 years of the modern web

In the beginning, the web, or WEB as it was known then, was a mystery. Like gopher and archie, it was a character-based internet tool interface that only the proud, the few, and the early internet users knew about. Then, everything changed. First, the Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX) made it easy for anyone to get on the net, […]

CSIRO claims AU$16m-worth of storage space at Canberra Data Centres

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has signed with Canberra Data Centres (CDC) for additional space to house its computer systems and associated components. For a cost of AU$15.8 million, the three-year deal covers “supporting infrastructure for IT services”, commonly known within CSIRO as technical floor space — specialised floor areas used to […]

Windows 10 vs Chrome OS: Acer reveals new $350 Chromebook Spin 11 convertible

Acer has announced three new Chromebook devices, headlined by the Chromebook Spin 11 convertible, which features a 360-degree hinge for use as a tablet or laptop, two USB Type C ports, and improved battery life. The company has also brought out the Chromebook 11 C732, which starts at $300 in the US and €329 in […]

World’s first 512GB microSD: Monster .5TB storage comes to smartphones

Integral Memory is releasing a microSD card that should mean you’ll rarely have to offload photos and videos from your phone to a separate storage device or the cloud. Integral’s half a terabyte microSD card has stolen the crown from the 400GB microSD card SanDisk released last year. But Integral’s transfer speeds are slightly slower, with […]

Machine Learning for the masses

The paradox with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is that despite (or because of) the hype, it’s still hard to find practitioners who understand how to use those approaches. Perhaps the best way to characterize the AI paradox is “so near yet so far.” AI is tantalizingly accessible for a variety of reasons. […]

Make BI applications more intuitive with search like GUI

Most business intelligence (BI) applications are constructed using point-and-click drag-and-drop graphical user interfaces (GUI), but still require end user training and long ramp up times — although not to the extent of learning and writing SQL code. Few business decision-makers access data directly and instead rely on trained business analysts, even for basic information. Modern […]

Apple’s HomePod available Feb. 9, pre-orders start this Friday

Starting this Friday, January 26, pre-orders for Apple’s HomePod will begin. The smart speaker will then begin shipping and be available in stores starting February 9. At launch, the HomePod will be available in the US, UK, and Australia. France and Germany will see the smart speaker in the spring. With Siri built into the speaker, users […]

Snoopers could eavesdrop on Tinder photos and swipes says security company

Snoopers could be able to see images downloaded by Tinder users and whether users swiped left and right on them, according to a security company. Uncovered by researchers at application security testing company Checkmarx, the vulnerabilities are based on an the use of an HTTP connection and a predictable HTTPS response size which allows attackers to […]

Fake cryptocurrency scam delivers ransomware – and more malware when you pay up

A new form of ransomware attempts to trick victims into installing it with the lure of quickly profiting from cryptocurrency — before encrypting their files and demanding Monero for the decryption key. ‘SpriteCoin’ is advertised on forums as a new cryptocurrency which is “sure to be profitable” for users — when it is anything but. Those who […]